R & D And Production Base
Has a complete research and development, production, testing facilities; company has a group of specialized, knowledgeable, high-quality workforce.
Strict Quality Assurance
According to the different needs of customers to produce the appropriate amount of products, manufactured products have to undergo a rigorous sampling, quality assurance.

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Focus on scientific and technological innovation
Companies to technology-based, and committed to innovation, is a solid and steady pace, toward Large-scale, The Direction Of Industrialization.
Product Performance And Stability
Companies specializing in the production line can really adapt to a variety of requirements to meet different customer requirements.
Hefei Minco Heating Cable Co., Ltd. is located in the second largest science and education city, Heifei, Anhui province and established technical partnership with various famous colleges in Hefei and Shanghai. The company integrates product research & development, production, and sales while strives for constant improvement of product technology, aiming to win the market with advanced technology and seek for favorable customer feedback to create good condition for product sales.Main products: self-regulation tracing cable (hypothermia tracing cable, medium-temperature tracing cable, high-temperature tracing cable), heating cable, heating mat, series and parallel heating cable with constant power, MI cable (mineral-insulated cable), household electric heating appliance, etc......more