Self-regulating Heating Cable
Product Detail

ZWK middle temperature series

Product Description
middle-temperature control heating cable( self-regulating heating cable) is widely used in pipelines, storage tanks and civil pipelines of firefighting, petroleum, chemical engineering, steel, power and other industrial enterprises for heat tracing, thermal insulation, anticoagulation and antifreezing. The cable is suitable for common area, the dangerous area and the corrosive area.
Features of heating cable:
●Heating cable corresponding to heat tracing system has a feature of automatically adjustment of the output power, Therefore, it will not be burned for self-heating, and able to make thermal compensation according to the actual needs, so it is the energy-saving and intelligent electric heater with only strip thermostat.
●Low-temperature start quickly, uniform temperature, high-temperature limit temperature automatically, whole or in part can be adjusted automatically with the temperature change of heat tracing, without additional temperature control device.
●Easy to install and simple to maintain, AC and DC, with wide operating voltage and adaptation, high level of automation, low operating and maintenance costs.
● can be cut at any length and lengthening use within a certain range, allows multiple overlapping but no high temperature hot point or burning. The application of far-infrared radiation technology for transforming has no damage to human body.
Product Model: ZMK( ZXW;ZKW;ZKWZ;ZBW) Corresponding to foreign models QTVR series
temperature rating: middle temperature( Z) series 
structure: base type( J);basic corrosion type( F); explosion-proof shielding type( P); explosion enhanced type( PT) explosion-proof and corrosion type( PF)
voltage grade:12V;24V;36V;110V;220V;380V; 600V
rated power: 35W/m;45W/m;50W/m;55W/m;60W/m
Product structure:
1.Copper conductor: 7×0.50;7×0.32;19×0.41;64×0.15
2.The conductive plastic layer: common PTC; flame retardant PTC; fluorine containing PTC
3.The composite insulation layer
4.The insulating layer: modified polyolefin; flame retardant polyolefin; fluorinated polyolefin; perfluorinated materials
5.Shielding layer: Tinned round copper wire, the coverage density of 80%
6.Sheath layer: modified polyolefin; flame retardant polyolefin; fluorinated polyolefin; perfluorinated materials
Technical parameters: 
1.standard color: brown
2.the temperature range: maximum temperature 105±5℃; maximum exposure temperature 135℃; maximum withstand temperature: modified polyolefin 105℃; flame retardant polyolefin 105℃; fluorinated polyolefin 180℃; perfluorinated material205℃; temperature: -40℃
4.The thermal stability:
from 10℃ to 149℃ and after 300 cycles, the cable heat to maintain in 90% above. 
5.Bending radius: -20℃-30℃ for 30.4mm and 40.6mm;
6.The length of the cable insulation resistance:
cable length is 100M, ambient temperature 75℃ for 2,500VDC, shake test for 1 minutes, and the minimum value of( between the shielding layer and the conductive core line) insulation resistance of 1200MΩ.
Proof mark: ExeⅡT4
product advantages:
1.the temperature of heating pipes is uniform and safe and reliable, it will not overheat.
2.saving electric energy
3.When intermittent operation, temperature rise goes quickly
4.low installation and operating costs 
5.easy to install and convenient to repair;
6.convenient for automation management; environmental pollution