Solutions of Civil Heat Preservation and Snow Melting
Product Detail

Water Pipeline Antifreeze

Product Description
The piping insulation and antifreezing system of Mingke electric heat tracing cable uses highly reliable electrical heating technology. This system can heat the pipeline, fluid and other process equipment that need insulation and antifreeze and supplement the lost heat of fluid to keep the temperature within allowable range. Its characteristics are listed below:
1. Start quickly: once there is temperature difference between the setting temperature of the system and the surface temperature of pipeline or equipment, the system will start quickly in a short time.
2. Uniform temperature: Huanrui pipe insulation system controls the heat output according to the actual temperature of pipeline, when the fluid inside is static or fluid level is changed, the system can automatically adjust the heat to ensure that the pipeline temperature uniformity.
3. Easy to install: except for constant power heating cable, other cables can be cut to any length of cables, and wound around the valve, flange and other instruments. Once the system is installed, there is no need for maintenance.
4. Energy-saving and affordable: precise temperature control can eliminate the unnecessary heating systems and domestic hot water recirculating piping systems, decrease the use of materials for burying pipelines, and reduce installation costs and initial investment together with the daily running costs.
5. Safe and reliable: these heating cables are of high quality and are safe and reliable in use. The frozen pipe accidents in extremely cold winters are avoided by using these cables