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Tank electric heat tracing system

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The best way of tank insulation is to choose electric heat tracing. Generally, because the volume of tank is large, the heat loss is huge. if the temperature drops, the medium will condensate in inner tank. Or in order to meet production needs, the tank must be maintained at a certain process temperature. The tank not only needs to insulation for antifreezing, but also needs to be heated. Accordingly, it can be realized by choosing different types of electric heat tracing, To achieve the effect of heating insulation, it only depends on the transfer of heat without touching the medium of tank to. ensure the hermetic seal of tank, avoid other internal heaters to pollute medium, such as heating rods. Meanwhile, in the similar tank of flammable gases, such as oil and gas, once they leak, the excessive capacity will produce the danger easily. In addition, traditional heating is just heating, it can not well preserve a certain temperature. The outer layer must use cotton insulation, but the single cotton insulation can not guarantee the effect. So the combination of heater and electric heat tracing cable is applied to the tank.. Therefore, electric heat tracing is an essential heating material for tank insulation and antifreeze. In certain range, it can replace the heater to achieve a better effect, and take good care of the accessories of tank such as liquidometer; valve, pipeline, instruments and so on. The key point is to consider how to choose the type of electric heat tracing.
According to the different temperature requirements of tank, such as the insulation antifreeze of small tank can use the 0-60W/m self-regulating electric heating cable, and the big tank can use constant power heating cables, this kind of cables can provide a single length of 2000 meters for insulation of oil depots and other giant tanks. For greatly enhance the heating temperature, we can use the MI cable to maintain the highest temperature of 600℃.