Self-regulating heating cable series
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SR cable Pipe Freeze Protection, Roof and Gutter Deicing Kit SR Pre-assembled Heating Cable

Product Description

SR cable Pipe Freeze Protection, Roof and Gutter Deicing Kit SR Pre-assembled Heating Cable


It is special design for pipe freeze protection and roof &gutter heating de-icing .

Self-regulating Roof and Gutter Deicing Cable prevents costly damage to roofs caused by ice formation and snow accumulation in gutters, downspouts, and roof valleys. Can be applied anywhere melting snow and ice can refreeze and penetrate roof surface causing leaks and related damage. Versatile design adapts to most roof and gutter configurations Rugged, waterproof construction.

DSR 120V/240V pre-assembled self-regulating heating cables are designed for commercial metal and plastic pipe freeze protection and roof & gutter de-icing applications. DSR heating cables are available in different lengths that can customize any length for you, and each comes assembled with a 1.7 meter power cord and plug (EU plug or US plug, optional). Please contact us to order.


Max maintain temperature: 65C

Max enduring temperature: 85C

Min installation temperature: -40C

Min bending radius: 30mm@-20C

Input voltage: 100~130V; 200~240V (If you choose EU plug, we will send you 220V type cable, and if you choose US plug, we will send you a 110V cable.)

Power @10C: default 25W/m (optional, leave a requirement)

Heating cable width: 12±0.5mm

Heating cable thickness: 5.5±0.5mm

Heating cable bus wire size: 2 X 17AWG/16AWG

Plug rating: 15 Amps

Plug type: EU plug; American standard plug (optional)

Exposure to chemicals: None


- Roof & Gutter De-icing


We have the roof clips and cable ties sold in the store, if need, please go to the store to choose or contact us...

- Pipe Freeze Protection