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Single conductor heating mat

Product Description


100W/M² heating mat and 150W/M²heating mat
Outer sheath: polyvinylidene fluoride(FEP);
Earthing cable: bare copper wire;
Shielding layer: aluminium foil
Inner conductor: alloy resistance wire;
Inner insulation: polyvinylidene fluoride(FEP);
Connect type: external connector
2. External diameter: 3.mm
3. Electric parameter 
supply voltage: 220V (Voltage can be customized);
Linear power: 12W/m
Power density: 100W/m², 150W/m²
4. Other cold cable length: 3m;
Maximum surface working temperature: 120°C;
Minimum bending coefficient: 5D.
Mingke ultrathin teflon mats (Single conductor100W/M2) Twin-conductor 100W/M2
Model Voltage Power Linear power Resistance Cable length(M) Area(Length *width)
HSVF-100 220 50 12 968.00 4.2 0.5*1
HSVF-100 220 100 12 484.00 8.3 0.5*2
HSVF-100 220 150 12 322.67 12.5 0.5*3
HSVF-100 220 200 12 242.00 16.7 0.5*4
HSVF-100 220 250 12 193.60 20.8 0.5*5
HSVF-100 220 300 12 161.33 25.0 0.5*6
HSVF-100 220 350 12 138.29 29.2 0.5*7
HSVF-100 220 400 12 121.00 33.3 0.5*8
HSVF-100 220 500 12 96.80 41.7 0.5*10
HSVF-100 220 600 12 80.67 50.0 0.5*12
HSVF-100 220 700 12 69.14 58.5 0.5*14
HSVF-100 220 800 12 60.5 66.9 0.5*16
HSVF-100 220 900 12 53.78 75.3 0.5*18
HSVF-100 220 1000 12 48.4 83.7 0.5*20
HSVF-100 220 1200 12 40.33 100.4 0.5*24
Mingke ultrathin teflon mats(Single conductor150W/M2) Twin-conductor 150W/M2
Model Voltage Power Linear power Resistance Cable length(M) Area(Length *width)
HSVF-150 220 150 12 322.67 12.5 0.5*2
HSVF-150 220 225 12 215.11 18.8 0.5*3
HSVF-150 220 300 12 161.33 25.0 0.5*4
HSVF-150 220 450 12 107.56 37.5 0.5*6
HSVF-150 220 600 12 80.67 50.0 0.5*8
HSVF-150 220 750 12 64.53 62.5 0.5*10
HSVF-150 220 900 12 53.78 75.0 0.5*12
HSVF-150 220 1050 12 46.1 87.5 0.5*14
HSVF-150 220 1200 12 40.33 100.0 0.5*16
HSVF-150 220 1350 12 35.85 112.5 0.5*18
HSVF-150 220 1500 12 32.27 125 0.5*20
HSVF-150 220 1800 12 26.89 150 0.5*24
1.Floor heating type
Mingke bathroom heating system consists of heating cable net and precision electronic ground temperature controller. It takes the bathroom floor as radiating surface and transmits heat through radiation by the retaining structures all round. When the system is on, your bathroom will be very warm, cozy and can dry by itself quickly. Mingke bathroom heating system has the following advantages:
Soft and comfortable: Mingke bathroom heating system makes use of the human body temperature sensing characteristic.
Clean and healthy: The warm floor that bathroom heating system brings to you can damage the living environment of mite parasites and prevent the emergence from mould.
Energy saving A 5m² bathroom consumes no more than 4kW•h electric power per day.
Beautiful and dignified: When the whole system is installed, there only reveals the exquisite temperature controller on the lateral wall of the bathroom. This will not take any area of the bathroom, and the surface of the system is beautiful, dignified and environmental-friendly.
An investment can have lifelong benefit: The life length of Mingke bathroom heating system is the same as the building and it almost does not need maintenance.
2.Road snow melting type
Safe: This system provides people with safe living space and the inconvenience which ice and snow bring to pedestrians, vehicles and buildings will no longer exist. Especially, the installations on blind sidewalks provide the blind with safety guarantee for going out in winter. They can auto check the solution requirements in the operational area and turn on or off at the right moment.
Economic and reasonable: The ice and snow in area where this system is installed can be cleaned up at any time and this can avoid the damage that mass salting, artificial snow shoveling and frostbelts bring. Traffic accidents can be reduced and security performances for pedestrians and vehicles can be improved.
Environmental-friendly: Cleaning up ice and snow, salting, etc. will do great damage to the natural environment, but this system adopts the cleanest and most effective electric energy and is popular among all the users.
Scope of application: This system can be used to melt the ice and snow of outdoor facilities such as ramps, bridges, roadways, parking lots, exterior stairs, etc. and ensure the security of the pedestrian area. This system is suitable for special roads of asphalt, concrete, tiles, etc.
3.Soil heating type
(Take lawn as an example)
Environmental-friendly: It will not damage the green natural environment, and will reduce the damage to the built lawn to the utmost extent. This system adopts the cleanest and most effective electric energy and is popular among all the users. 
Automatic: It can auto check the requirements in the operational area and turn on or off at the right moment.
Thrifty: The installation and use of this system are economic, this saves the expense of seeding and maintaining and can recover the use of lawns in the shortest time. This system does not need maintenance and can ensure the life length.
Safe: It reduces the damage to athletes to a large extent when they have matches in ice and snow weather.