Constant Power Heat Trace Cable
Product Detail

RDP2 type single phase parallel constant power heating cable

Product Description
Product name: single phase constant power electric heating cable   Type: RDP
Product specification: 3-8mm      Temperature range: 0-150℃
Heat-resistance temperature: 205℃  Standard power:10-40W/M, customizable
Regular voltage: 12V 24 36 110 20V   Product certification: EMC CE RoHs CMA Ex ISO9001
Product introduction:
Type RDP2 single phase parallel constant power heating cable is designed and made according to the requirement of GB3836.1-83 and GB3836-83, namely ‘general requirement’ for anti-explosive appliance and equipment using in explosive environment and ‘safety-strengthened appliance and equipment’. Products with anti-explosion level of eдT3 have a capacity of fire resistance. They, equipped with safety-strengthened appliance and through trial in accordance with the requirement of sealed electric-heating appliance, is applicable in site T with explosive gas composite in plant 1 and 2 zone with being free from direct external impact.
The application includes anti-freezing and heat preservation, for tube and instrument with a maximum working temperature 150℃.
Product structure: 
Power busbar consists of 2 parallel insulated copper cables with an electric-heating cable winding up around its internal insulation layer and connecting busbar at intervals of certain spacing, forming a continuous parallel resistance. As the busbar is powered, each parallel resistance generates heat, therefore, a continuous heating cable comes into being with specific structures as follows: 
A- Cable core (tinned copper stranded cable)
B- Fluoroplastics in core cable insulation layer(F46)
C- nichrome wire (thermal fuse)
D- Framework layer 
E- Fluoroplastics in insulation outer cover(F46)
F- Tinned copper mesh grid
G- Reinforced(anti-corrosive) fluoroplastics for sheath (F46)
Normal type Reinforced type Nominal powerW/M  Maximum using lengthM  Maximum working temperature of liquid   Color of (internal) sheath
RDP2-J3-10 RDP2(Q)-J3-10 10 210 150 black
RDP2-J3-20 RDP2(Q)-J3-20 20 180 120 red
RDP2-J3-30 RDP2(Q)-J3-30 30 150 90 blue
RDP2-J3-40 RDP2(Q)-J3-40 40 140 65 orange

Product specification and major technical parameters:
Maximum working temperature of liquid: refers to the maximum process temperature  which media need to maintain in tube, and recommend not to exceed the value in this table.
Nominal voltage:220V
Maximum temperature resistance:205℃
Normal insulation resistance: >> 20 Megohm
Protection level: IP54 
Dielectric strength: 2000V 50Hz/1min
Anti-corrosion certificate: CJE×07.125U
Insulation layer material: F46 fluroplastics 
Dimensions (include fabric and outer sheath): 6.3×9.5m
major features of product: 
Single phase parallel constant power electric heat-tracing cable is featured by constant heat generation. The longer the electric heating cable is used, the bigger the total power output is. The electric heating cable is able to be cut intentionally to meet practical needs, and the minimum length of which is 3 meters. The flexible feature is convenient to be laid close to the surface of heat-tracing pipe. The copper wire shielding fabric layer,on the outer layer of electric tracing cable, with heat conduction and dissipation capacity, can lift the overall tensile strength of the electric-heating cable, meanwhile serve as a ground wire.