Constant Power Heat Trace Cable
Product Detail

RDP three phase parallel constant power heating cable

Product Description
Product name: three phase parallel constant power electric-heating cable  
Type: RDP   Product specification: 6.3*9.5mm    Temperature range: 0-120℃
Temperature resistance: 205℃    Standard power: 30 40 50 60w/m
Regular voltage: 380V   Product certification: EMC CE RoHs CMA Ex ISO9001
RDP3 type series parallel three phase constant power electric-heating cable
Type RDP single phase parallel constant power heating cable is designed and made according to the requirement of GB3836.1-83 and GB3836-83, namely ‘general requirement’ for anti-explosive appliance and equipment using in explosive environment and ‘safety-strengthened appliance and equipment’. Products with anti-explosion level of eдT3 have a capacity of fire resistance. They, equipped with safety-strengthened appliance and through trial in accordance with the requirement of sealed electric-heating appliance, is applicable in site T with explosive gas composite in plant 1 and 2 zone with being free from direct external impact.
The application includes anti-freezing and heat preservation, for tube and instrument with a maximum working temperature 150℃.
Three phase constant power electric-heating cable provide power using triangle form in three phases. In addition to a feature of possessing single phase heating cables, it is characterized by maximum using length, good heating uniformity, well balancing load from electric grid, especially suitable for long-distance, large-caliber tube and thermal preservation. It applies to T3 team site of explosive gas composite in plant zone 1 and 2. 
A- Cable core (tinned copper stranded cable)
B- Fluoroplastics in core cable insulation layer(F46)
C- nichrome wire (thermal fuse)
D- Framework layer 
E- Fluoroplastics in insulation outer cover(F46)
F- Tinned copper mesh grid
G- Reinforced(anti-corrosive) fluoroplastics for sheath (F46)
Product type and main technical parameters:
Product type Nominal power(w/m) Maximum using length (m) Maximum working temperature of liquid () Color of(internal)outer sheath
normal Reinforced
RDP3HR-J3-10 RDP3HR(Q)-J3-10 30 330 120  blue
RDP3HR-J3-20 RDP3HR(Q)-J3-20 40 280 110  orange
RDP3HR-J3-30 RDP3HR(Q)-J3-30 50 275 80  red
RDP3HR-J3-40 RDP3HR(Q)-J3-40 60 250 60  black
Maximum working temperature of liquid: refers to the maximum process temperature  which media need to maintain in tube, and recommend not to exceed the value in this table.
Nominal voltage:380V     Maximum temperature resistance:205℃
Normal insulation resistance: >> 20 Megohm    
Dielectric strength: 2500V    50Hz/1min   
Anti-corrosion certificate: CJE×07.125U   Insulation layer material: F46 plastic    Dimensions (include fabric and outer sheath): 6.3×9.5m