Constant Power Heat Trace Cable
Product Detail

RDC Type cascade electric-heating cable

Product Description
cascade electric heat-tracing cable with constant power    type: RDC   Product specification: 3-7mm2
temperature range:0-150℃    Temperature resistance: 205℃-250℃   
Standard power: 0-60W/M customizable in practice   Regular voltage:220 380 660 1100V   product certification: EMC CE RoHs CMA Ex ISO9001
RDC Type cascade electric tracing cable
Type RDC cascade electric heat-tracing cable is a kind of electric-heating product with a core-cable heat-generation body, which means the core line generates joule heating, as the current runs through core cables with certain resistance, for the resistance in unit length core cable is equal to running current through it in whole length, and so is the volume of heat generated every part. It is different from 
parallel electric-heating cable, in which as the using length grows, the end of power declines, so it mainly applies to long-distance thermal insulation powered by one power supply.
A- cable core
B, C- insulating layer of busbar
D- outer sheath
E- metal shielding layer
F- strengthening(anti-corrosive) sheath
Specifications and main technical parameters of cascade electric tracing cable products:
Type and specification Dimension of Core cable Nominal section   m  20 resistance value M/ 
RDC123HRQ-J3-3.0 19×0.45 3 5.83
RDC123HRQ-J3-3.0 19×0.52 4 4.87
RDC123HRQ-J3-3.0 19×0.58 5 3.52
RDC123HRQ-J3-3.0 19×0.64 6 2.93
RDC123HRQ-J3-3.0 19×0.69 7 2.51
Nominal voltage: 220V, 380V, 660V, 1100V
Insulation resistance: >>750 Mkm
Dielectric strength: 2x nominal voltage + 2500V
maximum temperature resistance of insulation: J3-205℃, J6-250℃
Minimum temperature of installation : -50℃d