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Minco Heating Radiator

Product Description
Product Performance
The safety performance of Mingke Heating Radiator principally includes leakage current, electric strength, ground resistance and electrical shock protection, etc. 
leakage current: under the test rated voltage, the leakage current measured between the exposed metal parts of the heating radiator and the power cord should be no more than 0.75mA or 0.75mA/kW;
electric strength: apply the rated frequency and the required test voltage (1250V) 
between the live parts and nonmetal parts; hold for 1min; no hi-pot or flashover occur;
ground resistance: the insulation resistance between the exposed metal parts and ground terminal should be no more than 0.1 Ω
Power specification of Mingke heating series with metal film includes 800-1000W,1200-1400W,1600-1800W. All these specification listed above can meet the requirements of the national standard (GB4706.1-2005, safety of the household & equivalent electric appliance, Section I, pass requirements; GB 4706.23-2007, safety of the household & equivalent electric appliance, Section II, special requirements for indoor heating appliance)
6 Principal Innovations
Fire-prevention fence for the control, effectively protect the control from the fire risk caused by overheat 
 Enlarged area of riveting joint between power cord and heating plate, effectively avoid the joint crack or loose weld due to vibration during transportation process
Integrated metal film heating plate technology, effectively prevent the heating plate from overheat, power attenuation, fragile and easy to bend, with extended life of 100000 hours
Extra large aviation aluminum radiating surface, quick heating up, able to reach the max. heat within 100 sec
Side fence and the shell completely adopts aviation aluminum structure, to avoid deformation occurred to plastic parts
Extra large vent with natural & smooth circulation, quiet, without any waste air or water, healthy & environmental friendly 
7 Advantages
Mingke metal heating components are alloy metal heating plate. The extra large heating surface secures no overheat of the heater itself, so moisture will not be evaporated when the air is heated by the heating plate. Therefore, people will not feel the air is too dry when using the heating radiator. Additionally, it solved the technical difficulty of carbon heating plate power attenuation 
Mingke extra even alloy metal film adhesion technology secures the heating plate surface temperature as even as 99% percent. Temperature difference between the max point and min. point keeps consistent, which can avoid the constant problem as open circuit due to heating plate partial overheat at certain section. 
Mingke extra even alloy metal film heating plate is safe and reliable by integrating the two layers of the high-density insulation mother board which is of aircraft grade into 1, to avoid the heating plate bump, abnormal noise because of thermal expansion and contraction. It is a genuine comfortable heating radiator
The heating plate joint adopts the Mingke technology of the enlarged rivet area and the joint fixing technology originated from years of experience in electric heating appliance industry, which can prevent from loose joint, coming part or broken risk caused by external factors during transportation process
Mingke metal film electric heating radiator is with total metal structures for the outer parts to secure higher conductor coefficient, quick heat radiation, which can efficiently protect from burnt. Users don’t have to worry about the deformation or aging defect after long time use. The added fire-preventing fence for the control can effectively protect the control from fire risk
The inside of vent of Mingke metal film electric heating radiator adopts large arc for smooth transition. The good circulation secures no hot air stayed in the metal chamber for quicker ambient heating up. The broad front vent design makes the hot air flows out smoothly & slowly to facilitate the indoor air recirculation heating in a more comfortable way and to prevent the wall from becoming yellow 
Passed CCC approval in an overall way.
Mingke metal film electric heating radiator classification
Color classification: white, red, green, yellow, blue
Power specification classification: 800-1000W,1200-1400W,1600-1800W,2000-2200W,2400-2600W
Control classification:
Integrated control: intelligent remoter-type variable frequency inverter (non remoter-type)
External thermal control series: similar to the heating cable installation, thermostats are of the existing Mingke thermostat series 
Installation classification: roller, wall-mounted, standing
Electrical performance
1. energy-efficient, only a few RMB every day, save above 50% energy, heated upon plugging in, electro-thermal conversion rate is high as 98%, LED display, remote control, with time & temperature setting 
2. environmental friendly & comfortable, clean & quiet, no light, no noise, without electromagnetic radiation; the far IR and the negative air ions generated is good for human blood circulation & improving sleep quality; with fresh & clean air
3. safe and durable for the totally high-quality aircraft aluminum material as the heating components; the surface adopts German PVDF coating; no naked flame, without power attenuation, even heated, without burnt; service life as long as more than 30 years
Product specification
No. Product code Voltage/Power Control system Material Installation Color Dimension
1 AZT08P1BW 220V/800W P ordinary intelligent
Z variable frequency electronic
C network programmed
Total aluminum 1 B wall-mounted
G roller
Z standing
W white
R red
Y yellow
B blue
G green
2 AZT10P1BW 220V/1000W 687*615*68.6
3 AZT12P1BW 220V/1200W 897*615*68.6
4 AZT14P1BW 220V/1400W 897*615*68.6
5 AZT16P1BW 220V/1600W 1212*615*68.6
6 AZT18P1BW 220V/1800W 1212*615*68.6
7 AZT20P1BW 220V/2000W 1212*615*68.6
8 AZT22P1BW 220V/2200W 1317*615*68.6
9 AZT24P1BW 220V/2400W 1422*615*68.6
10 AZT26P1BW 220V/2600W 1527*615*68.6

Model definition of Mingke electric heating radiator series: AZ T 16 P 1 B W
AZ: Mingke
T: product series  T metal film series  C wing copper tube series X thermal storage series
16:power code: P ordinary control Z intelligent variable frequency control C network programming
1: Product structure: 1 total aluminum type 1 (aluminum alloy fence) 2 total aluminum type 2 (aluminum alloy veneer), 3 half-aluminum (steel radiator surface),4 total steel,  5 tempered glass
B: installation structure: B wall-mounted, G roller,  Z standing
W color W white, Y yellow, B blue, R red, G green, H black
(Example: AZC16P4BW Mingke copper tube wing 1600W total steel, ordinary control, wall-mounted, white heating radiator)