Solutions of Civil Heat Preservation and Snow Melting
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Downspouts antifreezing systems

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In the cold winter, the accumulated snow on the roof will touch the cold eaves and be easy to form icicles in the process of smelting, and downspouts will be frozen or clogged, leading to an overflow of snow melting and burst of downspouts. In order to solve these problems, manual deicing might be required, even construction machinery is used for deicing in spite of the risk of damage to the roof . But these methods often waste the efforts and are not satisfactory. The heat tracing systems of Wuhu Jiahong New Material Co. Ltd. prevent the formation of icicles effectively by maintaining the open channel and removing the melting snow timely. Heat tracing system is widely used in various types of roofing such as metal, plastic, wooden, asbestos tile, rubber or asphalt roof, etc..This system can completely solve your troubles and make the winter more carefree.