Thermal control solutions of power system
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Bucket heat tracing (bucket electric heat tracing, anti-dust electric heat tracing)

Product Description
The major application of electric heat tracing in waste incineration power plant is to prevent the dust congealed on the surface of instrument after incineration.
Generally, dust coming from the bottom of the reactor will be processed by bucket of dust remover and transmitted from the bottom of the dust bucket to bucket elevator through spiral transmitter, chained transmitter. The dust will be elevated to the upper dust house and stored there. Below the dust house was equipped with dust unload system. Usually, this equipment as well as concerned tube and valve all need electric heat tracing system. And for dust bucket, dust house and reactor may only need bottom heat tracing.
Normally, the operation temperature for flying dust is 250 degree which also is the exposure temperature of electric-heat system. Flying dust will congeal in 120-130 degree. As a large amount of congealed dust on the surface of equipment will hinder normal working, so it needs electric heating system and the temperature serves as the preservation temperature of electric-heating system. Normally, the system is not working when normal production, which means the system only works when the equipment is not running to ensure its normal operation when restart.