Self-regulating Heating Cable
Product Detail

220V Heating Cable for Installation Inside the Water Pipelines Entering Pipe

Product Description

220V Heating Cable (17W/m) for Installation Inside the Water Pipe (Pipelines) with Coupling for Entering Pipe


It is special design for inside and outside pipe freeze protection and roof &gutter heating de-icing. The EU plug is pre-assembled, a ready kit for installation.

A set of self-regulating heating cable in a pipe with a power of 17 W per meter with EU plug and couplings. Does not require the installation of a temperature regulator or other monitoring systems, its power and the degree of heat release depending on the change in ambient temperature.On your order, we will produce a section of the required length.

A kit based on a heating cable for use within a water pipe with a nominal output of 17 W / m includes:

-heating cable with the outer food shell, which allows you to use the cable in drinking water.

-Entry into the pipe with 1/2 " and 3/4'' male thread, two gaskets and a rubber stopper to crimp the heating cable.

-Cold cable length 1.5 meters with EU plug.

-Adhesive heat shrinkable tubing that prevents moisture from entering the technical connections.

Installation is made at any time of year, it is not required to excavate the pipe.



Max maintain temperature: 65C

Max enduring temperature: 125C

Min installation temperature: -40C

Min bending radius: 20mm@-20C

Input voltage: 200~240V

Power @10C: default 17W/m

Heating cable width: 9mm

Heating cable thickness: 6.5mm

Length of cold lead: 1.5 meters

Max circuit length: 40m


1. Copper-core wire: 7x0.3mm

2. Conductive heating element

​3. Thermoelastic plastic inner insulation

4. Copper-alumunum braid

5. Thermoelastic plastic outer jacket

(The thermoelastic plastic jacket has good softness and weather resistance than PVC, PE materials).


- Roof & Gutter De-icing

We have the roof clips and cable ties sold in the store, if need, please go to the store to choose or contact us...

- Pipe Freeze Protection

The pipe can be installed inside and outside the pipe.